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domingo, 24 de julho de 2016

♥QPose and Ross Event 01♥

               Tattoo:Awear:♥India Calls Me Home Tattoo♥@Ross Event
                           Obs:6 different colors
                 with Appliers Omega/Slink/TMP/Maitreya

                              Pose : {QP}♥ I'm Ready♥

              Extra:    Cuff (perna):Le Grinch:♥{My Heart Garter}♥
                          Obs:♥ ALL colors in one HUD♥
                              Also are sold separately yet.
     ↓You must first log on Marketplace web to see the ítem correctly.↓…/9419086
                           Hair:EXxEsS Hair:♥Senuna A♥

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