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sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2016

♥Le Grinch02♥

                                         Anillos:Le Grinch:♥Property Rings♥

▶ Property Rings is a simple and nice accessory with Leash option that can be controlled only by you, or the partner name that you add.
▶ The folder contains two rings for couple: Key (for who leads, or Dom), and Lock (for who is guided, or sub). Both has Transfer permission, so you can transfer the ring, Lock or Key, to your partner.
▶ Only the Lock ring has the menu options. Key ring functions as a holder.
▶ You can configure the leash as you want (lenght, texture, color, density, size, gravity).
▶ This item does not have a full menu of a normal BDSM collar, only the Appareance, Leash, and Access options. This means less scripts, and it's not confused as another collar.

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           Extras:   Hair:Mina:♥Marion♥
# Harnes,cuff e pasties diamonds sao gachas que ainda podem ser encontrados por markeplace,basta buscar por gachas♥
            Blindfold:Inkside:♥ Blindfold 2 (Hud)♥  Neww!!♥          

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