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domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

♥Le Grinch04♥

                                                        Collar:Le Grinch:♥Wings Choker♥

~{Wings Choker}~ with SubSpy. 
Gold, Silver and Fatpack.

The folder contains:
- Wings Choker with opencollar menu.
- Wings Choker (only resize menu)
- Hud to change the color of the band (10 colors).

The Wings Choker with opencollar menu has integrated Spy option with this functions to enable or disable:
▶ Trace: notifies to Owner the teleports of the Sub. 
▶ Radar: reports to the Owner the names of the avatars who are within the range of chat of the Sub. 
▶ Listen: transmit what Sub says in Nearby Chat. NO IM. And other nearby parties chat will NOT be transmitted. 
▶ Radar Settings: setup for the Radar sensors (4, 8 or 18 meters), and report frequency (every 5, 9 or 15 minutes).

Reports are in local chat, and only the Owner can read these. If the Owner has the option of receiving lost to messages to mail, reports can also get into the mail.

* It's important that the Owner first obtain the CONSENT OF WHO WEARS THE COLLAR, UNDER FULL KNOWLEDGE OF SPY SYSTEM before activating this functions. The person wearing the Choker will be notified by local chat when a function is activated or deactivated.*

This OpenCollar can not be updated because when you updated to the new Opencollar version and system, "Six", it could delete this Spy option integrated in the Choker.

It recommended for use with Singularity Viewer.

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