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sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2016


                                        Outfit:BlackRose:♥ Lorie Outfit ♥
                                          Pose:QPose:♥Smell The roses♥

♥Six Essence 02♥

                                       Lingerie:Six Essence:♥Alexis Lingerie White♥

                                           Obs:(Omega and TMP Appliers Included)

              Extras Body:Maitreya:♥Lara♥
                           Hair:Mina:♥Marion - Dark blond♥
                          Colar:Swallow:♥Elizabeth Necklace♥


                           Obs:Exclusive and Original Mesh for Cosmopolitan (Sept. 25 - Oct. 08)

* Cropped Top and Panties in sophisticated lace.
* Fitmesh for Slink Physique - Slink Hourglass - Maitreya Lara (experimental)
* Colors avilable: Black - Blue - Pink - White

★ Materials Enabled ★

★Try demo before purchasing★
★ Demo is available in the Mainstore for your convenience ★
LM Cosmopolitan

                                                 Pose:R&T:♥ Kiss It Better♥

segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2016

♥Impulse Modern 02♥

                                       Legging:Impulse Modern:♥Nadine Legging Sport ♥
                                       Top:EC:(Conjunto Bag Noelia)

                                 OBS: Shoes da HT sao gachas nao mas a venda

domingo, 25 de setembro de 2016

♥Les Encantades 24♥

                                                         Body:Les Encantades:♥Baroque♥
                                     ♥ NEW EXCLUSIVE RELEASE FOR THE SECRET AFFAIR
            Obs:                              Dates: From 15th Sept to 10 Nov
           BAROQUE Angelique - Available also in other style like gold, silver, vampirique.
          For Classic fitmesh standard size, Maitreya, Slink physique and Hourglass.
                                     Extra:    Hair:Exile:♥Glamorous♥

♥QPose 53♥

                                          Pose:QPose:♥Thirst for More♥@Cosmopolitan

♥Six Essence 01♥


                           Top:Six Essence:♥Jelly Latex 2 versions♥
                              (Omega and TMP Appliers Included)

                               Extras:  Hair:LoveyDovey:♥Rhea♥
                                            Leg:Zenith:♥Yoga♥(Gatcha ja nao esta a venda)

terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2016

♥Sexy Cute♥

                                                    ♥♥♥♥               ♥♥♥         ♥♥♥♥

         SHIRT:  ::OOPS:: ♥Kota Top (Lara)♥(Fluffy and Fierce Hunt Event)

        Extras:     Hair:Pr!tty:♥Avery♥(Gift de Grupo)
                       Pant:Catnip Loveotomy:♥Undead Spikes♥(Gift)

domingo, 18 de setembro de 2016

♥Q Pose 51♥

                                                   Pose:Q Pose:♥Surrender♥

♥Glitzz 12♥

                                              Dress:Glitzz:♥Meredit Latex♥
                                              Hair:Pr!tty:♥Avery♥(Gift de Grupo)

♥Les Encantades 23 and You.Gatcha06♥

      Fantasy:Les Encantades:♥Butterfly Gold Ruby ♥Gacha for Jackpot Gacha 16th to 25th Sept♥

                                  Blackhaus -♥ Navy Fairy (Purple) 3 -Rare♥@You.Gatcha

                                  Blackhaus -♥ Navy Fairy(Red) 2 - Rare♥@You.Gatcha
                                  Blackhaus -♥ Navy Fairy(Aqua) 5 - Rare♥@You.Gatcha
                                  Blackhaus -♥ Navy Fairy(Yellow)Rare♥@You.Gatcha
                                         Pose:Shi.S.Poses:♥Cloth 2♥♥@You.Gatcha

sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016

♥Impulse Modern01♥

                           Short:Impulse Modern:♥Overall Camo(Hud Color)♥
                           Top:Impulse Modern:♥Tamara♥
                           Headphone:(Black Bantam):♥Whipped Frosting♥(GIFT)

                   OBS: Shoes da HT sao gachas nao mas a venda


                         Robot Deco:Kres:♥Horace Standing♥@You.Gatcha
                         Robot Deco:Kres:♥Ignatius Standing♥@You.Gatcha
                         Robot Pequeno:Kres:♥Granthan♥@You.Gatcha
            Cream:Distorted Dreams:♥Chilly Tea Strawberry Common♥@You.Gatcha

segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2016

♥BlackRose01 and QPose50♥

                         Pose : Qposes♥ Groupgift – Married Life ♥@ Mainstore
                                    Outfit;BlackRose Fashion:♥Iris outfit♥
                          Obs: Each set includes: 2 dresses, sandal boots and bag

♥Le Grinch05♥

             *New!*~{LG}~Cup Of Tears Blindfold~Silver~ 
▶ There are two types of Blindfold:
- Blindfold with restrictive menu, Owner options, and total blindness.
- Blindfold without scripts.
(Each Blindfold has resize menu).
▶ HUD to change the color of the blindfold fabric, and an option without fabric, metallic lace only.
▶ For a better experience, you can wear the "Lace Screen" too, for a partial blindness looking through a beautiful metalic lace that does not affect the control of your screen (movement, clicks, writing, etc.)
- Mainstore:

                          Extras:  Lingerie:Big BeautifulDoll:♥Penelope♥
                                       Collar:**RE**♥ Raven Collar - Heart RLV♥ 

♥QPose49 and Mega Model05♥

                         Lingerie;(UP):♥Langeri Magda Trasparent♥@Mega Model♥
                                                  Pose;QPose:♥ I am ready♥

sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2016

♥You.Gatcha 04♥

                      Horns/Crown:♥Secrets♥- Blossom Worns and crown ♥@You.Gatcha
                     Rosa Eye Patch e Rose Necklade:May´s Soul:♥EphemeralBeaaty♥
                     Hair:Mina:♥Marion - Dark blond♥

♥QPose 48♥

                       Pose: {QP} ♥Soft Touch ♥@Pose lover Event ♥ (open 9 September)♥

quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2016

♥Mega Model04♥

                                Short:Xaveco Mania Store:♥Military♥@Mega Model♥
                                Pose:Frimon Store:♥Isabelly♥

♥Summer 09♥

                                             Pose: [Frimon Store] ♥# Couple 17♥

                   Exclusive for Ross Event - Summer Holiday
                   Pose Contest - Start Septembe 03th - Contest expires on Septembe 11th

             Extras:   Dress:Cynful:♥The Bring the sexy back dress♥@Cosmopolitan
                                Ears:Female[Mandala]♥Stretched EARS-MIM♥
                                         Hair:Mina:♥Marion - Dark blond♥
                                 Shoes:KC:♥LIZZ HEELS for maitreya e belezza♥ 


                                    Pose;Mouni Poses:♥ for the You♥@Gacha Event!♥

           Obs:You.Gatcha © is an innovative Monthly Event. Each round brings you the best in fashion,                 poses, home and garden.

           Event starts at 4th each month 2pm SLT and ends at 1st of the following month 2pm SLT.

quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2016


                          [Frimon Store] #Profile 06
           Exclusive for Ross Event - Summer Holiday
           Pose Contest - Start Septembe 03th - Contest expires on Septembe 11th


                               Pose:+Mouni Pose+:♥Hopper Rare♥@You.Gatcha Event
                               Pircing: cheeky:♥Dermal Mouth Pircing:♥@You.Gatcha Event
              Ice Cream Companion (Rare)e Banana Split: Inia - Yummy ♥NEW!(@You.Gatcha Event)

                                Extra:       Hair:LoveyDovey:♥Rhea♥

terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016

♥QPose 47♥

                                                  Pose:QPose:♥Secure in Your Arms♥

♥Mega Model03♥

                                      Outfit::AK:: ♥Outift Tereza ♥@MegaModel♥
                                      Ears:FEMALE[MANDALA]♥Stretched EARS-MIM♥

segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2016


                                    Nails:Alme:♥Glam Mix Black e Gold Rare♥@You.Gacha
                                    Tattoo:PU:♥Kore Tattoo♥@You.Gacha
                                    Blindfold:erratic♥chris -blindfold-black♥