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segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2016

♥Le Grinch05♥

             *New!*~{LG}~Cup Of Tears Blindfold~Silver~ 
▶ There are two types of Blindfold:
- Blindfold with restrictive menu, Owner options, and total blindness.
- Blindfold without scripts.
(Each Blindfold has resize menu).
▶ HUD to change the color of the blindfold fabric, and an option without fabric, metallic lace only.
▶ For a better experience, you can wear the "Lace Screen" too, for a partial blindness looking through a beautiful metalic lace that does not affect the control of your screen (movement, clicks, writing, etc.)
- Mainstore:

                          Extras:  Lingerie:Big BeautifulDoll:♥Penelope♥
                                       Collar:**RE**♥ Raven Collar - Heart RLV♥ 

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